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Hang Gliding On AVI Worlds

First you get the Jetski’s on Pirates Grave now it’s the turn of the Hang Glider soaring above the island. Stay tuned they arrive very soon.

Hang Gliding on Pitaes Grove

Hang Gliding on Pirates Grove

Jet Ski’s

If you like the open water as well as a bit of Speed. Look out for the Jetski’s soon to appear in AVI Worlds Pirates Grave. Great Fun for messing about on the open sea.

AVI Worlds Pirates Grave

AVI Worlds Pirates Grave

Flying the Bell 206


If your not into racing cars around at high speed. Then why not fly around the new 24 region Alexander City in a Bell 206 Helicopter. Now available in 2 colors on the roof at the Welcome Center.

Flying the Bell 206

Flying the Bell 206

Alexander City Supercars

Are you a Motorsports Fan. Then your in the right place. Over on AVI Worlds Motorsport Region you can now visit the new Car Showroom where you can purchase some of the finest Supercars in Opensim. In the picture below is the McLaren MP4 12C, Ferrari 458 and the Porsche Caymen S. You will also find a stunning Aston Martin DBR9. All ready for you to blast around the circuit on the Motorsports Region as well as The new Alexander City Street Circuit. Shortly I will be putting in a rezzer, so you can go test the cars out. Other superb cars will be available shortly.
Alexander City Supercars

Alexander City Supercars

Skateboard Shop on Alexander City

Fancy a bit of crazy fun on a very fast skateboard. Then drop over to Alexander City and call into the Skateboard Shop. Try before you buy. Outside the shop is a rezzer which will allow you to have a few minutes fun on a board. If you like it then visit the shop and buy your favorite board. A choice of 12 boards are available.

Skateboard Shop

Skateboard Shop

AVi Worlds Welcome Area

AviWorlds Teleports to its main attraction regions! Available In the Welcome Region.

AVI Worlds Welcome Region

Teleport area in AVI Worlds Welcome Region

New Ferrari 599

A brand new gleaming red Ferrari 599 arrives at
Alexander City’s New Street Racing Circuit.
Ferrari 599

Ferrari 599

Skateboard City

I have brought over Skateboard City to Pro Racer so that you can have a bit of fun on these superfast boards on the Pro Racer Circuit. Have a look around the shop and choose your board, then click on the Rental Board outside the shop and your chosen board will appear in front of you. The boards will last an hour before they self delete. Have Fun !!!!!

Skateboard City

Skateboard City

Slow drive on the New Pro Racer Circuit

This is a slow drive around the Brand new modified Pro Racer Motorsports Circuit in a motorised skip. The circuit has now been extended to run over 6 of the 9 regions and the track has been widened another 10 meters to 30. Lots of Advertising Hoardings and Billboards.

Alexander City Free Cars

With the release of the latest vehicle scripts and two cars from Hans Ingen at Ingen Labs on the Metropolis Grid.

The Smart City Runaround and the Mini Cooper Convertable

I have now also decided to share 5 more of my cars using the scripts from Hans.

Lotus Elise, Lexus LS 300

Fiat 500, Audi A8

Porsche Caymen S

You can change the body shell color on all cars.

Every car is scripted and ready to run.

Free Cars on Alexander City

Free Cars on Alexander City

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